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How a Healthy Topline Contributes to Your Equine’s Overall Well-Being

Horse owners who want their horses to be as healthy as possible should focus on developing their topline. That conclusion is based on a survey of American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), which showed that seven out of 10 equine veterinarians consider adequate muscling surrounding/supporting the horse’s spine (topline) is key to equine well-being. Sponsored […]


Mare Refusing to Enter Arena

My name is Courtney and I am having a problem with my barrel horse. When I bought her she went in the gate without a problem. I have had her 2 years now and the year that I bought her I ran gymkhana on her. It was once a month. She went in good at first but after the 4th show she started refusing me. By the end of the year she was uncontrollable in the arena.