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How a Healthy Topline Contributes to Your Equine’s Overall Well-Being

Horse owners who want their horses to be as healthy as possible should focus on developing their topline. That conclusion is based on a survey of American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP), which showed that seven out of 10 equine veterinarians consider adequate muscling surrounding/supporting the horse’s spine (topline) is key to equine well-being. Sponsored […]


Equine Herpes Virus

Story originally posted by: Michael Lowder, DVM, MS There are five herpes viruses that affect horses with an additional three that affect donkeys. Of these, two types cause the most significant disease. These are equine herpes virus type 1 (EHV-1) and type 4 (EHV-4). Both of these cause the disease known as rhinopneumonitis. Three disease […]

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National Reining Horse Assoc. Announces 2017 Honorees

The voting has been completed and the honorees have been notified! Following the presentation of the Hall of Fame Committee’s recommended nominees, the NRHA Board of Directors and past Hall of Fame inductees voted to approve Carol Rose, Rosanne Sternberg and Smart Like Juice for induction into the NRHA Hall of Fame in 2017. Tim Katona will be the recipient of the Dale Wilkinson Lifetime Achievement Award for 2017.